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Listing of 16 wishes in descending order of priority:

Wish Description
Native database support Database support would be very useful. This could also be implemented in the form of a DLL. Currently the VDSODBC DLL exists but it requires you to use an intermediate string grid for transferring the data, which is bad for the performance.
Re-usable code A re-usable code system, similar to the VDU convertor. This could either be accomplished by a kind of pre-compiled script format (similar to DLLs) that could be loaded into VDS or with native code that can be called from other scripts.
MULTI style for lists A MULTI style for lists, so that multiple items in a list can be simultaneously selected.
FOR..FEND loops FOR..FEND loops for making it easier to alter the code execution order.
Improved network support One useful feature would be the ability to list network shares. Another is to be able to access networks through the IPX/SPX or NetBEUI protocol (that is, not through a shared directory). And finally remote administrator functionality is something to add (as in Netwatch).
Integrated runtime An integrated runtime as an option, so that an external packager isn't absolutely required to create standalone applications, as in VDS 2.
Integrated resources The possibility to compile resource files into VDS executable files and being able to access them, without extracting them first.
String grids Improved string grids, so that you can create explorer style lists with column headers.
MOUSEOVER event A MOUSEOVER event for all controls, so that dynamic bitmap buttons could be made for example.
NOTASKBUTTON style for dialogs A NOTASKBUTTON style for hiding the taskbar button of a dialog.
Alternative platform support An interpretor or complete development suite for the VDS syntax for alternative operating systems, such as Linux and OS/2 Warp.
Real "bitbuttons" VDS already supports those flat I.E. buttons, but it doesn't support icons on "true" buttons.
Styling at runtime Currently a style can only be applied at the creation of a control. A DIALOG STYLE, <control name>, <style control name> command is wanted so that the appearance of a control can be changed at runtime.
Shared variables Variables that can be shared throughout several scripts, such variables could for example be prefixed with _ so that one of those special variables could be %%_SharedVariable.
Scrolling text Scrolling text, horizontally to make a marquee or vertically to for example make a credits dialog.
More secure delay in milliseconds Any delays of VDS 3.51 can contain a single decimal, but if using more decimals, delays aren't very accurate anymore.

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