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gt-getip.dsc V1.0 (3 kB) Date: 18-02-2000 Freeware
By Garrett R. Hylltun E-mail: VDS 3.00 Preview

Script for retrieving your IP address, without the need for an external DLL. Note: this may not work on all Windows versions.

systeminfo.dll* V1.0 (310 kB) Date: 19-05-2001 Price: $14.95
By Garrett R. Hylltun E-mail: VDS 2.03

This DLL contains a very extensive set of functions to retrieve very detailed system and operating system information.
NB: Now includes two dlls. The original which is for 95/98 and ME, and another one use on NT and 2000 systems.
*) file download is located at

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