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cppdll.cpp V1.0 (3 kB) Date: 30-03-1998 Freeware
By Anonymous (2) VDS 2.03

This article explains how to create Visual DialogScript extensions DLLs using Inprise C++ Builder. This source code will allow you to learn the basics in building DLLs with C++. You should use this in conjunction with the Delphi extdoc.doc article. It's only really useful if you already know C++.

screensaver.doc V1.0 (5 kB) Date: 25-10-1998 Freeware
By Matt Barnes VDS 2.03

Article about creating Visual DialogScript screen savers. It is an example on how to make a .EXE file into a .SCR screensaver file. It's only required to hex edit the file if a VDS 2 .EXE file is used.

vds.doc (11 kB) Date: 23-06-1997 Freeware
By Jonathan Moss E-mail: VDS 2.03

Excellent tutorial made for Visual DialogScript 2, although it will be very useful for learning to program with VDS 3 or 4.

mcistrwh.hlp (98 kB) Date: 29-08-1995 Freeware
By Microsoft Corporation VDS 2.03

Detailed explanation about utilizing MCI (Media Control Interface). It is not especially aimed at Visual DialogScript, but will be very useful as you can use the described syntax with the @MCI() function of VDS.

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