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View per page:   Price:   Author:   Order by: V0.99 (1 kB) Date: 30-04-1998 Freeware
By SasbenJr VDS 2.03

Program for protecting VDS 2 executable files against decompilation by UNDS.EXE. This is only neccesary for unintegrated files.

vlistw.exe V1.0 (61 kB) Date: 21-01-1999 Freeware
By Keith G. Long VDS 2.03

This tool is exclusively for VDS 2, it manages a list of all variables used in a script that you select.

ds16.exe* V2.50; 16 bit (670 kB) Date: 14-07-1998 Price: $69.00
By S.A.D.E. s.a.r.l. E-mail: VDS 2.50

This is the last version of Visual DialogScript 2, which is 16 bit. The current version of VDS is version 4, which is also shareware and easier to use. The functionality of VDS 2 can be extended through extension DLLs, although the 16 bit version can only load 16 bit DLLs. The registration code of the 16 bit version of VDS 2 should work with the 32 bit version as well. Useful for use in a Windows 3.x or OS/2 environment.
*) file download is located at

alloy.exe V1.1.5.2002 (1090 kB) Date: 01-08-2001 Price: $93.10
By PGWARE E-mail: VDS 2.03

This program is not specifically aimed towards VDS, but works great for integrating VDSRUN30.DLL and other files in your .EXE files to make completely standalone running .EXE files. The registered version can also slightly compress the files inside the resulting .EXE file.

ep.exe V1.0 (715 kB) Date: 05-12-2001 Freeware
By Tommy Sools E-mail: VDS 2.03

Program which can pack your actual VDS .EXE files (or any other executable file), together with any other resources into a single Self Extracting .EXE file, which can run independently. All files will be extracted on run of the resulting .EXE file, and can then be accessed from the specified desitination directory. Files could automatically be deleted after running the program, so that the user wouldn't notice the extraction process. Resulting files could also be extracted with regular .ZIP file processing software, without being required to run them. Note: although there's a help button, there's no help file available at this time. The program will automatically be extracted to your "Program Files\easy packets" directory, from which you can run it later on, using ep.exe.

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