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vsetup.exe* V2.10 (899 kB) Date: 28-06-2000 Price: $39.95
By S.A.D.E. s.a.r.l. E-mail: VDS 3.00

V-Setup is a program for making professional looking installation programs, with most features that are essential for an installer program. It greatly integrates with Visual DialogScript 3 as a tool. If you really want though, it works standalone to create installer programs for your VDS 2 scripts.
*) file download is located at

compiler.exe V1.0 (8 kB) Date: 24-03-1998 Freeware
By ECO VDS 2.03

This resource compiler is exclusively for VDS 2. It allows you to make a fully integrated .EXE file, complete with text files, images, DLLs and other files. The VDSINOUT.DLL DLL must be distributed with the resulting executables.

macro.exe V1.0 (384 kB) Date: 03-08-1997 Freeware
By Peter Jacob VDS 2.03

This tool is exclusively for VDS 2 and allows you to create and use macros which simplify code required to make something happen.

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