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ds16p.exe* V2.16; 16 bit (738 kB) Date: 18-03-1999 Freeware
By S.A.D.E. s.a.r.l. E-mail: VDS 2.16

This is a freeware version of Visual DialogScript 2, which is 16 bit. It's only for personal use and cannot compile to .EXE files. The current version of VDS is version 4, which is shareware and easier to use. The functionality of VDS 2 can be extended through extension DLLs, although the 16 bit version can only load 16 bit DLLs. Useful for use in a Windows 3.x or OS/2 environment.
*) file download is located at V2.95 (6 kB) Date: 12-01-1997 Freeware
By Surva E-mail: VDS 2.03

Program that can be used to decompile VDS 2 executables to recover their source code. This only works with unintegrated files. You can protect your scripts against this (but the source code will be unrecoverable in that case!) with the program.

resfile.exe V1.3 (220 kB) Date: 14-09-2001 Freeware
By Tommy Sools E-mail: VDS 3.00

Using this program, you can create VDS 3/4 compatible resource files, without the need for VDSRC.EXE, or having to use complicated command-line instructions. It can also manipulate your scripts to easily be able to utilize the resources with using names rather than having to deal with difficult to remember and changing offset numbers.

vds402en.exe* V4.02 (1303 kB) Date: 13-10-2001 Price: $99.00
By S.A.D.E. s.a.r.l. E-mail: VDS 4.02

This is the long-awaited version 4 of the Visual DialogScript program. Contains the easy to use development interface of VDS 3 and contains many new useful features.
*) file download is located at

resourcecompiler.exe V1.0 (9 kB) Date: 10-03-2000 Freeware
By HASM Programs E-mail: VDS 3.00

This tool for VDS 3 allows you to easily compile resource files, without any need for the VDSRC.EXE program included in the VDS supplement for registered users. The created resource files are identical to files created by VDS's compiler and therefore can be accessed in a similar way.

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