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systeminfo.dll* V1.0 (310 kB) Date: 19-05-2001 Price: $14.95
By Garrett R. Hylltun E-mail: info@eyrisdev.com VDS 2.03

This DLL contains a very extensive set of functions to retrieve very detailed system and operating system information.
NB: Now includes two dlls. The original which is for 95/98 and ME, and another one use on NT and 2000 systems.
*) file download is located at www.eyrisdev.com.

mt.dll V0.6 (52 kB) Date: 27-09-1999 Freeware
By Mark Toten E-mail: m.toten@hccnet.nl VDS 2.03

Tune some system functions and retrieve information with this DLL, such as date, time, screensaver, memory, file and system related information.

vdsconsole.dll V1.7.30.2000 (340 kB) Date: 30-07-2000 Freeware
By PGWARE E-mail: support@pgware.com VDS 2.03

Communicate with some command-line/console application through your VDS scripts. The standard input and standard output are redirected to your Visual DialogScript script through the DLL, so that you can control the console application. You can even control the application while it's running, which is normally impossible in VDS. The source code of the DLL is included. There are reports from users about this not always working well.

vdshttpd.dll V1.7.5.2001 (156 kB) Date: 05-07-2001 Price: $10.00
By PGWARE E-mail: support@pgware.com VDS 2.03

You could make a basic webserver with this extension. Advanced features such as CGI (Common Gateway Interface) aren't supported yet, but this server could do well as a small webserver for your company.

vdshttpx.dll V1.7.3.2001 (158 kB) Date: 03-07-2001 Price: $10.00
By PGWARE E-mail: support@pgware.com VDS 2.03

This DLL can run a proxy server. The proxy server can either forward a web request, or block the request and show an custom error message or forward to another page if it's in the URL blocking list. You could for example use this for blocking certain unsuitable internet sites at school or other sensible places. You can also trace the URLs of sites that are visited. All HTTP support is already implemented, so that you'll only have to provide the basic settings to the engine.

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