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VDSDiskLabel.dll (129 kB) Date: 23-06-2003 Freeware
By MIDISA E-mail: info@midisa.com VDS 2.03

Using these components, you can create programs to protect information. This library allows to create an invisible label on a diskette and to verify it in the program. The created label is completely invisible and can contain any characters. This addition can be used for protection of programs and the information in the programs. This library has only two functions: @DC(Read) for reading a label from diskettes; @DC(Write, <input string>) for recording of a label onto a disk. It may be useful if you want to make the program and to limit its distribution (copy protection). You may connect the program to a specific diskette etc.

blowfish.dll V1.4 (99 kB) Date: 05-07-2001 Price: $15.00
By Pablo de Camargo Cerdeira E-mail: support@pgware.com VDS 2.03

Blowfish is an encryption algorithm that is implemented by this DLL. It supposedly cannot be broken and some say it's the most sophisticated encryption system available today.

vdsstdio.dll* V2.0 (72 kB) Date: 27-02-2000 Freeware
By S.A.D.E. s.a.r.l. E-mail: support@dialogscript.com VDS 2.03

Adds Windows console support to VDS, so that it can read from standard input and write to standard output. This is primarily aimed at developing CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts.
*) file download is located at www.dialogscript.com.

vdstheme.dll* V1.0 (197 kB) Date: 30-04-2001 Price: $14.95
By Garrett R. Hylltun E-mail: info@eyrisdev.com VDS 2.03

This extension DLL for VDS allows you to create, edit and apply desktop themes on the Windows operating system. For example this can be used to change title bar and other colors and to adjust the wallpaper on the fly.
*) file download is located at www.eyrisdev.com.

drawdll.zip (60 kB) Date: 25-07-2001 Freeware
By McLain Software E-mail: melvinm@trinex.net VDS 2.03

Nice DLL for pure graphics painting directly onto a VDS or other dialog.

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